Data Analytics

Domains, Subdomains and Tracking- Explained!

It is critical to accurately monitor each unique website visitor’s online experience- and disjointed data sources only make it harder to do that. Let's talk all things domain, subdomain and how to track each visitors journey.

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The Death of Third-Party Cookies- What Does this Mean for Home Builder Marketers?

Third-party cookie data has been common place for years, allowing marketers to learn about website visitor’s online behaviors. But with Google phasing-out third-party cookies...

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Our Data Philosophy - Using AI For Good

As a data-driven company, believes in the power that AI-technology can bring in offering a personalized home shopping experience. We are passionate about the ethical use of AI-technology.

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Changing Consumer Preferences and How to Keep Up

We live in a time when technology moves fast, and consumer preferences move faster. With changing market trends and consumer interests constantly fluctuating, homebuilders must remain current in order to best serve each buyer

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The Power of Data and Why Builders Need It

The concept of data and analytics have been around for years; most organizations now understand the value of capturing data and applying analytics to optimize their business.

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