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Marketing agencies across North America have joined the Partnership Program. Together, we deliver an unmatched website experience and offer powerful business insights for home builders.

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Why Join the Agency Partner Program?

You’re a marketing agency and you’re great at what you do. You bring a home builder’s brand to life and buyers through the door. We bring cutting-edge technology that elevates the shopping experience, without breaking the bank. Together, with your expertise and our advanced technology we are creating a new era of home shopping, that is long overdue.

The Partner Program delivers the ultimate personalized website experience coupled with the magic of a marketer's touch. Our solution, offered as an add-on to home builder websites, creates a personalized 1:1 shopping experience for each unique visitor. You handle the brand, we take care of the personalized catalog.

Go beyond your Google Analytics to supercharge your advertising insights with Our AI-technology creates first-party data for home builders in real-time to provide a detailed summary on product-market fit and their customers. Leverage our data to drive decision-making and help your builders do the same.

Rest assured, not only manages the online catalog technology and first-party data, but we handle the integrations and maintenance, so you can spend your time where builders need you most.

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Not only have we retained clients easier with unmatched marketing analytics and customer data driving our digital strategies, but our partnership with OpenHouse has also been an excellent channel for client acquisition as we work together to provide a top-tier web experience. Our team is excited to build a deeper portfolio alongside OpenHouse.

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- Brad Williamson, Lead Strategist at Catch Digital

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do we want to work with you?

We know and understand what builders want, and that ultimately is a full packaged solution. By partnering with agencies, builders receive a full service, streamlined solution that creates a home buying experience like no other. With an agency's expertise in marketing and our expertise in technology, builders get the best of both worlds.

What do we offer?

We are not a website company, but we offer a unique shopping experience for each home buyer with our personalized catalog technology. This partnership provides an optimized website experience as your team works to drive traffic to the builder’s site, and our technology helps buyers find what they want, faster.

Where does your data come from?

We start with a broad multisource set of baseline statistics and combine that with the anonymized data generated from each unique website visitor’s online buying behavior. Our AI algorithm combines those inputs to accurately predict the needs of the home buyer. This results in a personalized shopping experience for each customer and a powerful business intelligence dashboard.

How will impact the user experience of the website?

The catalog management system integrates with the design of a home builder’s website, as we follow the exact details of the brand guide and your vision for the website. We believe it is important to ensure each buyer has a cohesive user experience from start to finish.

What will the integration process look like?

We work closely with each agency and home builder to establish a seamless process that is customized to each unique partnership. We provide thorough training with a hands-on approach to ensure everyone understands the technology, and the user experience is consistent.

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